Less Takeout More Makeout


You’re good now, but let’s deepen the connection!

Reignite Your Connection

Less Takeout More Makeout is a 5-week course where we can come together and share our secrets for how to create the best possible conditions for connection and intimacy in our relationships. Come join us and learn how to unlock a deeper more satisfying sensual experience.

You Can Do This!

Your richer life awaits…

 Whatever your skill level in the kitchen, Less Takeout More Makeout, will help you create more novelty, variety, and adventure in your life. Setting the table and mood will do wonders for the connection with your partner, but don’t stop there, come join us to expand your repertoire in every aspect of your relationship.

La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)

Discover your hidden talents

Create a more dynamic connection and deeper intimacy through taste, scent, sound, beauty, and touch.

Co-creating the intimacy and connection we all want isn’t as hard as you think. It simply requires the cultivation of the senses that excite and stimulate our enjoyment of life.

Create the Intimacy you both crave

In “Less Takeout More Makeout” we will share tips, tools, and a mind-set, that becomes the foundation for a lifelong practice of sensual connection. Open the gateway into a world of sensual variety that will keep the connection with your partner hot and spicy for years to come.

Wednesdays at 7:30PM (Pacific Time)
Starting April 22nd, 2020

The course offers 5 weekly 90-minute Zoom meetings, ongoing membership in a private Facebook group, and 1 free private coaching session with Marc Wendt, a well-seasoned men’s coach. Enrollment limited to 12 people.

Enliven her senses and ignite your life together

For $99.00, this course includes five weekly 90 minute ZOOM classes, a free private individual coaching session and membership in the exclusive Facebook group.

Women, enroll your man today and open a whole new chapter in your personal romance novel.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t sit there while life passes you by, get in the kitchen and stir up your own recipe for success now!


Chef, Men’s Wisdom Coach,
and Adventurous Romantic 

Marc Wendt

Men’s Wisdom Coach

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